Our newest, and largest, real estate development to date, the Pantheon Elysee II . With a the sleek, modern aesthetic that is preferred by many urbanites, This community will offer 162 luxury residential units composing of studios,1, 2 & 4 bedroom penthouse.



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Architectural Artistry

The Pantheon Elysee II is a stunning vision of forward thinking and modernism. This stylish and sophisticated structure will stand out among the other residences with its clean, crisp lines and meticulous attention to every single architectural detail. A manifestation of sophistication, it entreats passers-by to take a closer look.
With its impeccable design and prime location in the Jumeirah Village Circle, don’t be surprised if people stop and stare.

Lush and Intimate Interiors

Step into the modern, yet lush and soothing interiors of this development, and you will immediately begin to feel your stress fading away. Your shoulders begin to loosen, your mouth begins to smile, and you breathe a big sigh of relief knowing you get to call this tranquil paradise your home. It only gets better when you enter your apartment. The space is open, airy and simple – a blank canvas for you to create your own personal masterpiece.

Perfect location

Get ready for the carefree lifestyle of someone who has everything they could possibly desire – high end apartment features, innumerable community perks, the use of state-of-the-art facilities, and retail shops on the ground level where you can pick up anything you need on a moment’s notice.


Our original development in Jumeirah Village Circle, the breath-taking façade of this timeless Spanish style structure only hints at the spectacular luxury it offers to its residents.